3. No ordinary woman.

by Belle


“… what happens when you have kids is that you’re never lonely again.” Says the same woman who talks about one of her favourite memories of pop success playing in Dublin being when: “All 80 my family were there…”

I don’t have kids so I don’t know about that side of things. But can you truly be lonely having 80 family members, who are still around, and who will turn up to watch you perform (to hundreds/thousands? of fans). And what about being surrounded by a band, crew etc. Most of these people probably think you are great, and if they don’t does being a multi platinum selling artist make up for that? I know the ‘it’s lonely at the top argument’. Yet somehow Dido doesn’t meet that idea of lonely, to me. Also because I think that family is everything. Lonely is lying next to a man who you adore, but who you realise you will never trust again. And knowing that leaving that man will mean leaving behind your dreams and putting aside your hopes for a family. Lonely is taking care of your parent alone, physically, emotionally and financially. With no other bugger to share that load.

As for normal and low-key. Compared to who. This ‘girl next door’ has a 4-page spread in The Sunday Times Style Magazine. And yes that includes a photo shoot in which Dido wears a leather top (£1,315) and skirt (£1,645) from Marni. Marni* Firstly, the cost of just one of those items is more than my monthly mortgage. Secondly, she may well be normal compared to…. Beyonce?!

OK, so maybe I’m ranting a bit here. But it’s for good reason. The title ‘No Ordinary Life’ is right, and Dido herself says “My life is pretty much like my mates’. I don’t know if it’s normal. How do you know what’s normal anyway?”. That’s true. And who the hell am I to criticise her…  Maybe it wouldn’t be an issue if we saw REAL ‘NORMAL’ WOMEN in the Sunday glossies… doing mundane, ordinary women things, what about going beyond just telling their story. What about the grit,what about doing something that helps rather than patronises us. Seriously, Dido’s fine, she might even be lovely and her pop music isn’t thaaat bad but don’t take the p*ss; her ‘battle’ to be the girl next door is something most ‘ordinary’ woman can only dream of. A little perspective please.

* Marni’s fabulous brand of ‘creative chic’ can be be found at the exclusive end of Sloane Street, London.