8. What a croc.

by Belle


Sometimes, just sometimes it all gets too much.

Tutors are lazy. They are. So often lately I have received rhetorical or open questions in response to presentations. For a post graduate for heavens sake. Often is generous. Almost always. Having come from a profession where we are asked to justify everything this polite longwinded nothingness is, well it is just crap. There is one tutor who consistently questions and challenges. She rocks. One out of  a dozen. Ridiculous.

There are multiple reasons and circumstances etc. BUT this is an extremely reputable post graduate institution of awesomeness. There is no excuse for all this lacklustre  smile-and-nod stuff, none. OK so I am experienced and someone who, to put it bluntly, knows that it should and could be a lot better.

It is sheer laziness. There is no other explanation. Except maybe fear. But that is absurd. In this context I am a student and I want to hear substance. An opinion,  an argument, a gut instinct whatever it is it should be accompanied by reasoning and be articulate and justified. Just challenge us directly. The word insipid springs to mind.

We pay enormous fees these days, not American style fees maybe but they are significant. And we pay in time too, 2 years of our lives are devoted to this course. Having studied pre fees I can tell you that, unequivocally, there is a difference in my attitude. I have handed over my very own hard earned cash, not state cash that I don’t see, not family money. And IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. It isn’t. It wasn’t when it was grant money (which I more than covered when I subsequently paid taxes) and now it certainly isn’t.

Universities often require educators to have PhDs, this is based on a need for research funding. It is nonsensical. Why not require training as an educator, or support training, instead? A great academic is not necessarily a great professor.  Universities cannot afford to prioritise the student’s needs these days, but they cannot afford not to consider them.

If 19 out of 20 students are all saying the same thing then maybe, possibly, there ARE some shortcomings and the sooner you face-up to them the sooner they can be addressed.

This is a rant. I appreciate that there are pedagogical arguments, interpretation, nuances of all sorts of things. But the very basic fact is that if educational establishments want to survive they need to wake up and smell the coffee.