10. Online dating

by Belle

Created by Bryan Elsley the first episode of ‘Dates’ (Channel 4) left me wanting more. It’s a simple format, has well written dialogue and great actors; sparks flew.

Online dating is the done thing if you’re twenty-something.

I’m thirty-something and I’m pretty relaxed about the whole thing. And hopeful and a bit cynical too maybe. I tend to go with my gut and in some cases self preservation kicks-in. The weird ones are those who believe in instant chemistry via a series of wires and talk dirty having never met you; they have no chance.

The ‘potentials’ are articulate and savvy. And polite. Still it feels a bit back-to-front, you can spend ages chatting and then you meet and the ‘chemistry’ is missing. I tend to keep it brief and meet quickly these days. I’ve dated several guys who are good company, amusing, intelligent etc. Online dating works as a way to reach out to someone new, maybe even have a nice time and a few laughs. But so far that’s all. I put aside the expectations and just think of it as meeting a potential friend, then if there is chemistry it’s a bonus… that’s my theory anyway.

Meeting via a 250-word sales pitch and an out-of-focus mugshot isn’t exactly natural? Can it ever be a ‘real’ relationship?