13. Breaking the rules.

by Belle

First of all, I intended to have a visual on every single post. I forgot last time. So here I am doubling up, and then some. Plus I might go back and add one anyway. Though that would break my other rule about never changing posts. Except maybe for spelling typos. Hmmm we’ll see.


So, continuing, rule 3.. eat breakfast al fresco throughout the summer. Come rain or shine. I didn’t today, mainly due to the aforementioned rain. I was reminded of the glory of alfresco dining by @LouiseMensch’s* tweet/pic this morning.


Rule 4. I recently read http://www.wealthysinglemommy.com/every-woman-needs-5000-in-her-own-account-even-if-its-a-secret/ and yep, I agree, with the principle at least. The amount  you can squirrel away depends on your income and that of your partner. And though it has never been a ‘rule’ of mine as such, I have always maintained a personal and savings accounts alongside my joint account. Now that I’m single I still have the joint account. But no partner. Who knows what happens next.


Rule 5. Be kind to yourself. Every woman (and man) should learn this early in life. I was about to turn 34 when it finally sunk in. And, I still break it almost daily.


Rule 6. Exercise and stretch every single day. That means routine yoga and dog walking plus boot camp, zumba or a run daily. Whatever floats your boat. No excuses. If only.


Which leads me neatly to Rule 7 – remembering my own rules. Routine and exercise are hugely important, and it sucks when I miss sessions, but rather than beating myself up I should (and sometimes do) remind myself that yes I’m an idiot but that’s OK. So I’m learning to be kinder to myself. I want to be fit and healthy (mentally and physically) and attractive (and to have a sex life) but the whole point is that I deserve to look and feel good “because I’m worth it”.

And there we arrive at the crux of the matter. It wasn’t intentional but there it is. Being single has it’s pros and cons. Often the con is loneliness, lack of intimacy. But if I just roll the dice, and try, go all the way then it’s awesome being single and I can look at myself and I can like myself.

Wow, I’ve come a long way since that break up. Peaks and troughs still, but WOW.

* @LouiseMensch blog is at unfashionistas.com