16. Sexist or no big deal?

by Belle

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The above Facebook post is from a retailer that specialises in activewear for women. Sweaty Betty claim, on their website, that their purpose is “to inspire women to find empowerment through fitness.” And, I personally really like their products, a lot. Hence my disappointment when I read their post. I’ve sent a tweet, hopefully they’ll reply – or simply address the concerns raised by some of their customers.

And then there are the newspaper headlines and the tweets:

“Murray is indeed the first Brit to win Wimbledon in 77 years unless you think women are people.” … which has had supportive, and some really strange, responses plus impressive stats (so far!):

Also, following on from my previous post another tweet by @miriamattwood –  “@TanyaGold1 I am SOOO angry about this. Earlier in the tournament, one of the women called for a medic and he asked if she’d broken her nail.”

And of course there is a Guardian post referring to “Virginia Wade: a Wimbledon champion written out of British history”. The argument is clear and concisely presented.

There have been other British champions in the 77 years since Fred Perry 1936. The singles winners since then are Virginia Wade 1977 Ann Haydon-Jones 1969 Angela Mortimer 1961 and Dorothy Round Little 1937 – all women – and in the men’s doubles Jonathan Marray 2012 and potentially others in the women’s doubles and the mixed doubles too… but then I’m not a pro and I’m not paid to research the facts before going to print!

Newspaper headlines are one thing, and the intentions may have been sound, however, the factual information within the articles is inaccurate and misleading. And sadly others like Sweaty Betty don’t seem to have checked before repeating the ‘facts’.

None of the above is meant to detract from the incredible achievements of the sports men and women (and their supporters) this weekend. It is meant as a short sharp reminder of  ‘equality’ today.

The discrepancy in prize money was finally addressed in 2007, will the issues with media coverage be resolved by Wimbledon 2014?