23. Gender issues. Or just issues.

by Belle

I was asked for a short bio for a project I was working on this week; the response I received (from someone who I respect professionally in a big way) was “Hugely impressive – we are lucky to have you.”

We beat ourselves up about the small things don’t we. Is who we are professionally so different from who we are personally? We need to step back sometimes.

The people and things that have made me stop and think this week are: Kakenya Ntaiya, Kavita Ramdas, Ellen Gustafson and Dasha Zukhova in relation to Bjarne Melgard’s work.

Gender, obesity, hunger are global issues; everyone has a story.


I’m deliberately stating the obvious and reminding myself of the bigger picture. My work is increasingly focused towards social change, perhaps I need to find a way of aligning that approach with my personal life. It’s all about holistic long term solutions after all.

And last but not least picture 1. below, which should really be posted alongside 2 and 3.  So much has already been said about this; from the Huff PostES Magazine The Mirror, The Independent  The Spectator to Dezeen and  the guardian   Take a look.

1. Dasha Zhukova photographed on Allen Jones Remake chair with black woman by Bjarne Melgaard.Dasha-Zhukova-photographed-on-Allen-Jones-Remake-chair-with-black-woman-by-Bjarne-Melgaard_dezeen_sq

2. Allen Jones Remake by Bjarne Melgaard at Gang Bust Exhibition at Venus Over Manhattan, New York 2013Dasha-Zhukova-photographed-on-Allen-Jones-Remake-chair-with-black-woman-by-Bjarne-Melgaard_dezeen_1

3. The original chair by Allen Jones, 1969.Dasha-Zhukova-photographed-on-Allen-Jones-Remake-chair-with-black-woman-by-Bjarne-Melgaard_dezeen_4

Pictures used are from the Dezeen article above.