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31. Amy Poehler Vs. Diane Von Furstenberg etc.

by Belle

Both have recently released books, just in time for Christmas.

Are they really so different?

Apparently not “…they both talked about their aversion to plastic surgery, hustling for their big break, having kids, sexism and a lot of other shared experiences—in short, all those little complications and intricacies that go into being a modern woman. You can relate already, right guys?” From this article.

And, while on the subject of feminine insight and comment a book list:

Berest, A. etc. (2014). How To Be Parisian: Wherever You Are. Ebury Press.

Clinton H. (2014). Hard Choices. Simon & Schuster Ltd

Dunham, L. (2014). Not That Kind of Girl. Random House

Ephron, N. (2006). I feel bad about my neck. Black Swan.

Fey, T. (2013). Bossypants. Little Brown.

Halbreich, B. (2014). I’ll Drink to That. Penguin Press

Kaling, M. (2011). Is everyone hanging out with me? And other concerns.  Ebury Press.

Poehler, A. (2014 – exp.) Yes Please. Picador

Sandberg, S. (2013) Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead. W. H. Allen

Von Furstenberg (2014). The Woman I Wanted to Be. Simon & Schuster.


2 Comments to “31. Amy Poehler Vs. Diane Von Furstenberg etc.”

  1. […] **See also my book list on the subject of feminine insight in my last post […]

  2. Cheesy Legs says:

    I’ve read like four of these books and others are still on my list. They are all very similar but needless to say I still love them.

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